Afsoon Shahriari is an Iranian visual artist who primarily creates works in digital paintings and mixed media. Since she received her BA in Textile Weaving, she has woven many fabrics which have been used in curtains, table tops and cushions and had some exhibition of her Weaving in Tehran.

After receiving of her MA in Animation she stepped into the world of animation by making a TV series for children. She also made music video for rock bands.  But these works never stopped her from going after her dream of becoming a painter. She has participated in two international online exhibitions “La Geconda” in 2014 and “Jeronimus Bosch inspired art” in 2016.


Afsoon’s Statement

When I start to paint, I try to reach to the roots of nature and get a closer look at details. The details we miss in our modern life. We’re surrounded by all sorts of distractions and try to find fun and peace in our new applications but what we certainly miss here is our ancient and archaic bound with nature.

In my paintings I seek that primitive connection with Mother Nature and transmit this unique feeling with my viewers.

For medium I’ve chosen digital pen but always try to use old technics of painting and drawing. Sometimes I draw the sketches of work on paper and by taking a photo I transfer them to the computer and continue the work in there.